What are short term loans?

Sometimes life deals us all with unexpected expenses or situations arise where we just need that little bit extra to tie us over until our next payday – that’s where short term loans can really help.

Our loans are designed to offer you the very best rate based on your individual circumstances and we are dedicated to responsible lending. Whether you’re credit is perfect or leaves a little to be desired, we will try and help you with our short term loans which are available in amounts of up to £1000.

But then why would you choose Get Some Dosh?

We are well known throughout the UK and have an extremely satisfied client base. Our application forms are simple, fast and secure – all of your information is extremely safe.

Our short term loans allow you to borrow for a period of up to 30 days which allows you enough time to ensure that your loan is repaid on your next payday. We are known for providing short term loans at the very best rates in the industry meaning that our service is affordable – we believe in helping our customers without the sting of worrying about extortionate APR rates.

Sometimes some companies put many restrictions on how you use your short term loan, but you need not worry about how you use your cash with Get Some Dosh. We know that sometimes that little extra cash can be needed for a variety of different things – so why dictate how you spend your loan?

All we do ask is that you can afford to repay your short term loans and that you borrow responsibly and as such, we will endeavour to lend responsibly by studying your individual circumstances carefully.

What kind of things are short term loans typically used for?

There are a range of reasons or situations in which some additional cash may be required.

Some typical ones:

– car repairs
– special occasions
– rent
– unexpected bills
– mortgage
– leisure

So what are you waiting for?

Apply for short term loans with the UKs favourite loans company – Get Some Dosh